Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sounds familiar?

I have one more week of teaching in the summer school, but to be honest... I feel like having a bit of a vacation. And one of the things I love best about being at the Ciutadella Campus of UPF-BGSE is the amazingly central location (right next to the Born area, good for a beer with the colleagues and students). It is also just 5 minutes from the beach.
View Larger Map One of my students from the globalization class last term rented warehouse space on the P/Maritim for his windsurfing equipment with two friends, and I got in on the act -- 500 metres from the office, and I get to practice falling off the board and looking like an idiot. The M.Sc. programs located at UPF are really lucky. I envy the ones located at UAB the peace and quiet out amongst the green woods of the Bellaterra campus - it's really a bit like an American campus university. At the same time, we have the beach, the city, restaurants galore, hip bars and shady cafes, and Ciutadella park with its lake and the remnants of the old fortress, all in walking distance.

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