Saturday, October 18, 2014

Search and Cycles

Last week, Robert Shimer from Chicago came to give the first of the CREI Lectures - a new series that CREI is organizing every other year, in association with Princeton University Press. The idea behind the series is to get ""young seniors"" who have already had a big impact on the profession to come to Barcelona, and to summarize a research area that is still active. Robert did a fantastic job, giving 3 two-hour lectures on labor markets and the business cycle. For all those who think that economics professors have a cushy life, flying from one conference to the next, Shimer provided the counter-example -- having attended a conference in the South of Portugal the day before, he had to leave at 3 am on the first day of the lectures to make it here on time. I am sure that the editors at PUP will sleep more easily in the knowledge that there is already a 100+ page manuscript on his webpage with the lecture notes.

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