Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New course structure

Fernando, Jaume and I had a late-night session the other day, and decided that we could do better -- we are revamping the ITFD course structure. Some changes look bigger than they are; others are more substantial. The first big change involve replacing the existing, broad 40 hour classes with smaller, more focused 20 hour modules. Jaume and Fernando are going to teach 20 hours on international finance (Jaume) and on money and exchange rates (Fernando). My own teaching is going to cover an overview of the rise of the global economy in term 1, and a class on financial crises and bubbles in term 2.
We are particularly excited about the advanced elective classes that we will be offering (this replaces the micro and macro classes in term 1 that we had initially put on the program). There will now be additional classes that our students can chose: by Francesc Ortega and Libertad Gonzalez on the economics of immigration, on growth by Gino Gancia and Xavier Sala-i-Martin, by Paula Bustos and Gino Gancia on international trade, and by Alberto Martin and Fernando Broner on international finance.