Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hiring Season and Sunscreen Reflections

The hiring season at CREI and UPF is drawing to a close. We had some great junior scholars coming through, and it's always a pleasure to learn what the latest crop of Ph.D.s is working on. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that our offers are accepted. This year, the weak dollar should make our offers look particularly attractive. You'd think that if anyone is unaffected by the optics of an offer driven by the $/€ rate, it should be economics Ph.D.s, but you never know. UPF is also lucky that recruiting happens in January and February, when our relative "weather advantage" is greatest. All those graduate students emerging from the frozen East and North of the US tend to be charmed by our mild Mediterranean climate. This year, the winter has been ridiculously warm-- yesterday, I decided to get the deckchairs out on my terrace. While reading the latest issue of the Economist (which contains our new ad for the Master's), I even had to get sunscreen...

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